Sunday, October 27, 2013

Lake Superior Performance Rally

Another Normal Rally Weekend - This time in da UP, eh?

Three stages in 12 minutes of video. Only 3 usable gears. Looks faster from inside.

Two days, two regional rallies:  Friday - which ran into the evening, the Nowicki/Brandt team finished a disappointing 7th of 19 in class in the Ottawa Rally.  Disappointing because 6th place was just 3.2 seconds ahead, and dropped us on the last stage, and 5th place was just 8.7 seconds ahead at the conclusion of the competitive stages.

Saturday's event, the Lac Vieux  Desert Rally, was a slight improvement, with a 5th in class of 15 entries, losing out to a 4th place finish by just 10.1 seconds.

There was some rally drama.  Before those minor details, I must say that the trip to Michigan's Upper Peninsula was quite amazing.  One hour out of Houghton, towing with the rig was one of the most peaceful drives in recent memory. So relaxing, at a quiet and leisurely 60 mph pace on billiard blacktop, sun evolving into dusk, fall visuals in the air, rich, fresh and previously unheard music in the cabin, all the tension, stress and worries of a long day were put to rest. UPon arrival at the cabin I didn't realize that the weekend accommodations also purchased a full moon over the calm waters of Keewenaw bay.  A fantastic start to a weekend up north where cell coverage was spotty and email traffic was iffy.  Lovely.