Monday, February 4, 2013

Run Through the Darkness

The last stage of the rally was Bonfire Alley. Our average speed for the 6.0 mile stage was 50mph. We were 2 seconds off of the leading Group 2 car's pace on this stage - not really what I was expecting as this stage was pretty fast, and being the first time on this road, grip was excellent.  Nonetheless, we hung on for the win in the Drift Regional rally.  We had a pretty decent lead in class with 3 stages to go, and having decided to be conservative, that lead was trimmed and we needed to pick it up a bit.  The driving is pretty conservative and straightforward - meaning that I still didn't have the confidence to attack and throw the thing around entering the corners. A bit more of a road racing line I guess you might say. A far cry from the past-I have some work to do.  Hope that you enjoy.