Thursday, June 28, 2012

Steve Nowicki in the Fire Arrow at STPR.

photo by Jason Swoboda

Finally had a chance to check the car's damage from Susquehannock Trail.  Really dented the skid plate on one of the Waste Management stages, to the point the oil pan is pushed in a bit.  So it is time to push it out, reinforce it again and run Maine, one more event before a new skid plate is designed and built.

The performance of the car at the end of STPR left a lot to be desired. We used nearly a full tank of fuel in about 70 miles, and it was touch and go just to get to the fairgrounds for service and the last stage.  Found out today, the carburetor adapter plate bolts were loose, as one of the carburetor mounting nuts was missing!  Obviously a vacuum leak, along with a dirty air filter caused some issues with performance, and must have caused the plugs to foul on the way to the last service.  After replacing the plugs, the car ran a lot better, but still a bit lethargic.  We will take care of this issue, along with the oil and coolant leak that started this investigation!

Tire wear was quite minimal, and expect to just swap the rears to the front and front to rears, possibly using the Rillfit to do a little experimental grooving.  Some minor tweaks to the front sway bar are in the works and other than a nut and bolt in addition to the above repairs, we should be good to go.  This will be my first trip to the rally in Maine, and should be a good hootin time!