Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Preparations for Sno*Drift

With the new +Rally America season nearly upon us, the Nowicki Brandt Rally team will once again contest the first rally of the year, +Sno*Drift in Atlanta/Lewiston, Michigan. One year older, three rallies more seasoned, the 1980 Fire Arrow won't have many of the planned updates due to some technical and scheduling issues, but that won't curtail the fun in the north woods. What better is there to do in late January other than some winter mountain biking or vintage rear wheel drive rallying?

Here are our two rigs for winter fun

We have been training hard for this years event, no doubt, and even have a few car improvements to roll out as well.  But as fate would have it, some are going to be last minute additions and won't have the time to be proven or tested before the big event, January 25 and 26th.  A few things got in the way, not the least a nasty stuck in bed virus over the Christmas break (generally a great time to head to the shop for tweaks and maintenance). 

Rally testing for Sno*Drift
We have been doing some testing nonetheless.  Last year it was duly noted that we could have ridden our bikes faster on some parts of the stages than the one wheel drive Fire Arrow was traveling.  Not Anymore.

We have a secret weapon, two actually.  Two wheels driven with a welded differential whereas we had to use an open diff last year.

Damn this is going to be fun this year!